Myself, with a  12+ years of IT industry experience who has been decorated with various positions like Developer, Designer, Project Lead, Project Manager, Solution Architect & now Technical manager. Passionate in contributing every aspects of a company, help it grow along with me and bring a branding that stands apart professionally and in the employee satisfaction.

I prefer to be called as a full stack developer, but along with that it is also important to highlight my expertise. I come from the strength of being a Microsoft technology savy who has been into web development mainly, then have some hands on with PDA application development, CRM development & customisations, XAML based WPF applications, Networking etc. So that summarizes as I have and still do almost everything that comes in a SDLC process. Client communication, lead proposals, Technical assistance, Deployment, End user testing, Presentations, Mentorings, Agile principles, Firewall management, Backup & Recovery procedures, Azure and AWS cloud platforms, CMS based platforms, just like that…. Moving along, in the later part of the career, I also developed myself as a good mentor and people manager who can decide what is best and what are the improvements needed on each and every departments. Clear cut analysis of the performance and data based evaluations & reporting has been my trademark to find the adequate and accurate employees to the firm.

Techical expertise in : ASP.NET, VB.Net, C#.Net, AJAX, CRM 4.0, SQL Server, Windows Services, Web API, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Compact Framework, Telerik (Rad & Kendo UI) Controls, Entity framework, JQuery, MVC Model applications, Jquery, Azure Cloud & so many…

Collaboration tools familiar with are : TFS, Jira, Harvest, Fogbugz, Mantis,  Trello, Skype, Teamviewer, Google drives etc

Other tools in routines : Fiddler, Cyberoam, SQL Server Agent, WordPress, AWS, Slack

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